What is PULLER?

Puller is dog training tool, not just a dog toy!

Puller is an innovative fitness tool for dogs developed by a professional cynologist. It's a set of two purple rings that allow you to make your dog's daily active training and also the ability to better understand and develop your dog in a psychological way.

Puller has gained fame and recognition among coaches and dog owners not only because of their practical shape and material, but also because of the unique concept of Puller Training, which is based on working with two circles. The basics of the training are three simple exercises - jogging, jumping and pulling, which can be combined, modified and customized to achieve the best results for your dog.

  • Unique training and fitness tool
  • Set of two rings = intensive training
  • Training with a positive motivation
  • Training is a fun for dog
  • Patented material = durability and safety
  • For all breeds of dogs - 5 sizes
  • Suitable for puppies from 2 months of age
  • For all owners - professionals and laymen
  • Safe for children and their game with a dog
  • Increases physics quickly
  • Develops mental abilities


DOG PULLER is a relatively new dog sport that has gained great popularity in the world! Why? It's simple, fun and almost for everyone! It comes in two disciplines - PULLER RUNNING and PULLER JUMPING. Races take place on a rated racing surface, each discipline lasts 90 seconds and has relatively simple rules. Contestants earn points for correct execution of the exercises. Both disciplines are evaluated separately.

Sport DOG PULLER is primarily fun for dogs and owners. It is about team coordination, physical condition, coordination and mental readiness of the dog, but mainly about the joy of common sport! For lovers of training with Puller it's such a cherry on the cake to compete with their furry friends :-).


This discipline consists in alternating running of the dog for Puller on both sides of the field, its catching in motion in the catching zone and bringing it to the starting zone. The racing field is 10 x 30 meters, the middle zone is the starting zone, the extreme zones are running zones, behind which there is a space for catching which is not limited. The discipline lasts 90 seconds and we alternatively use two Puller rings.

  • dog's job is catch still moving Puller in the catching zone

  • task of the handler is throw Puller over the running zone to be moving in the moment when dog is catching it

  • dog must bring Puller back to the starting zone where leave Puller on the ground or give it to his handler

  • handler must alternate sides and Puller rings

  • handler may have in the starting zone only two Puller rings

  • team tries to get as many points as possible

Team gets 1 point by meeting all of these conditions at one throw:

  • dog catches Puller in catching zone
  • Puller is caught in motion
  • handing over of Puller in the starting zone

If none of the above conditions are met, 0 points are earned:

  • dog catches the Puller in the running zone
  • dog leaves Puller elsewhere than in the starting zone
  • dog catches Puller behind the running zone, but Puller is not in motion
  • when the starting zone is overwritten by the handler when the Puller is dropped

If the handler throws Puller before the end of the time limit (the dog runs into the starting zone after the limit), this throw is counted according to the normal rating.


This discipline consists of alternating jumping from circle to circle with grabbing of Puller in jump. We always use alternately both Pullers. For Puller Jumping is using the middle field which is 10 x 10 meters. The discipline lasts 90 seconds with using two Puller rings which are alternating for each jump.

  • dog's task is to grab the Puller during the jump
  • handler's job is hold Puller and motivate the dog for alternately jumping and grabbing Puller
  • the team is trying to reach as many Puller jump as possible
  • both Pullers must be alternated and the handler must hold the Puller in his hand at the time of the dog is grabbing Puller
  • after jump with grabbed Puller dog is leaving Puller and jumps on another one (depend on the working technique Puller can also leave the handler)
  • team is trying to reach so many jumps with grabbing Puller as possible.

For JUMPING PULLER is measured the quality of the jumps not the number of jumps.

  • grabbing of Puller in a jump with all four paws above the ground - 2 points
  • grabbing of Puller in jump with two or three legs above the ground - 1 point
  • grabbing of Puller with three or all legs on the ground - 0 points
  • jump without grabbed Puller - 0 points
  • overstep by handler - 0 points