Below you will find the starting list for download. The organizer reserves the right to change the order of the participants. The final order may change (each change will be announced and modified on the starting lists in the area).

The old lists are divided into 1 (bull and high drive category) and 2 (mini and maxi category).

Start list for field 1 - bull + high drive

Main Referee - Valentina Kushnirenko
Helper and referee - Serhii Kushnirenko
Side Referee 1 - Helena Hejzlarová
Side referee 2 - Ivana Paštová

Start list for field 2 - mini + maxi

Main referee - Serg Shkot
Helper and referee - Andrea Adlafová Huclová
Side referee 1 - Keisuke Yoshida
Side referee 2 - Gyongyi Panczél